Do you sell original paintings?

Yes, please! I’ve only got so much room on my studio walls and, as much as I’d like to, I can’t have all of my children live at home forever. There are some exceptions, for instance I’m not going to sell you an original portrait of my wife. Most everything else is fair game. All available originals are listed on their respective pages.

How good is the print quality?

All limited edition prints are produced by a small local shop that specializes in fine art printing and reproductions. Prints are produced on Canon 9100 and 8100 printers, either on 1.4” gallery wrapped canvas or acid-free, archival quality, textured watercolor paper. The fade-resistant, pigment-based inks produce long-lasting prints displaying vivid colors, rich subtle tones and detailed blacks and can last from 70 to over 100 years without showing signs of noticeable fading. All works are considered fine art pieces and are produced with great care.

Can you do custom sizes / options?

Because my prints are released in limited editions, with limits on each size available, I can’t do custom sizes without it effecting the editions of the entire run. Sorry! I’ve tried to account for this by offering multiple sizes, materials and prices.

How do your limited editions work with multiple sizes and materials?

Each size and material has a set number of prints available. At the time of launch of this site my pieces are all setup as: 

  • 75 - 1/2 size prints (compared to the original), on watercolor paper
  • 50 - 3/4 size prints on paper
  • 35 - 1/2 size prints on 1.4” gallery wrapped canvas
  • 25 - 3/4 size prints on canvas
  • 15 - full size prints on canvas

This distribution creates distinct sets at each size, with increasingly limited availability to foster value for larger sizes. Future works will likely follow a similar distribution. I am working on displaying how many are available and how many have sold for each size on the artwork detail/purchase pages.

Will your prices ever change? 

Prices are based on my costs to produce, fulfill, and ship orders as well as customer demand. Prices are subject to change dependent upon market conditions. 

If I buy the original will you still sell prints?

Yes, that is my business model. JVP Fine Art retains all reproduction rights, and does not convey any right to copy works or sell reproductions. This applies to commissioned works as well, though exclusivity rights can be discussed. You can read more about commissions.

So you accept commissions?

Yes I do, but there are things to consider. Again, you can read more about commissions below.

How long will it take my artwork to arrive?

My best estimate at the moment is 2-3 weeks. I am working with a printer out of Baton Rouge that I really like, but he is over an hour away, so there are some logistics involved. You know.

Do you offer local pickup or delivery?

I would be happy to make arrangements in New Orleans or Baton Rouge for local pickup or delivery within reason, however it is not currently setup on my website. Please contact me directly to make arrangements. This will not alter the price of the art work itself.

Can I ask you a question?

Of course! Please be in touch.

Thoughts on commissions

Commissions are a collaborative effort.

Your request and my creative style should be a good match. When creating a composition I am making judgements about which elements deserve prominence, how to minimize secondary subject matter to reduce & abstract complexity, and generally interpreting the images I’m working with. Be mindful of that approach when considering a specific subject matter for commission.

Think about what colors fit the environment the art work will hang in and the size that fits the space.

If you’re interested in a painting of a person, a pet, a place, etc, make sure that the source photos you provide are clear and that they capture the true essence of the subject. Think candid, and think portrait not snapshot. Come with options, if possible! And if need be we can discuss a photo shoot to start the process.

For more general information, these articles are good reading from the artist’s and collector’s points of view:

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