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Kim on Cramer
Kim on Cramer

Kim on Cramer

60 x 36 in.

This piece stays mostly true to the original black & white source photo, rendered in browns like sepia tone. As an earlier work, it lacks some of the polish and detail of later paintings, which is part of what I like about it. Though I’ve always regretted not putting more into the eye lashes in particular.

One aspect that has always resonated with me, is the three tiny tear-drop shapes that make up the nostrils and the corner of her mouth. They are a good representation my minimalist approach, the purity of shapes, and how in combination they can be just enough to perfectly convey an image or likeness. 

The rest of what I like about it is that it’s a portrait of my wife in our first year of marriage. I think she had just gotten this adorable pixie cut, and she was so gorgeous. I needed to capture that... and still enjoy that I get to look at this image every day. 


Original is acrylic on canvas. Prints are available in limited editions per size. Read more about print quality, edition details, and commissions in the FAQs .

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